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Performance is really what makes the difference! This is where the real value of EWOS COMPASS is demonstrated, giving proof that EWOS' investment in knowledge delivers optimal feeding solutions for any given farming scenario.

EWOS RAPID is our new product based on EWOS COMPASS. It is our new generation high performance feed with a finely tuned nutritional balance of protein and fat that change according to the season.

This enables us to deliver the best economic yield per site for fish farmers, and is the perfect feed for the high salmon price scenario we see today. "We understand that one size does not fit all. For example, the sea water temperature for our customers in the North and South of Norway may differ between 3 and 13 degrees Celsius in May. EWOS RAPID takes this into consideration by being adapted to local conditions, which in turn helps salmon farmers to manage their production conditions better", explained Ernst Hevrøy.

"It took more than a year to get the formulation right for EWOS RAPID, including extensive technical and food safety testing, and our customers reported impressive results from the prelaunch trials."

Customer benchmark in Norway confirms growth potential in EWOS RAPID with 27% improved perfomance!

In spring 2015 Lerøy Midt ended a benchmark comparing EWOS OPAL 110 against EWOS RAPID. The trial started August 2014 at the location Gunnarøya, with an autumn 2013 fish, ca 1100 g. Five cages were fed with EWOS RAPID, five with EWOS OPAL 110. The results clearly demonstrate improved growth with EWOS RAPID, with a final growth improvement of 27% for EWOS RAPID. Fish fed EWOS RAPID had higher EGI and lower EFI, even when EWOS OPAL 110 gave remarkably good growth results.

Salmon fed RAPID had significantly higher EGI and EEI compared to salmon fed OPAL 110 during the trial period, as well as considerably lower EFI.

We believe EWOS RAPID is our most exciting feed development so far and look forward to introducing it to all our customers.

Hege Hovland, Marketing Manager, EWOS Norway.

Altogether, EWOS RAPID resulted in 27% better performance. In addition, the RAPID fish were slaughtered several weeks before the OPAL 110 fish, thus saving money on treatment for lice and diseases and avoiding associated mortality.

This confirms that EWOS RAPID and EWOS COMPASS delivers and that EWOS RAPID is the most cost-efficient feed in today’s market!

The salmon fed EWOS RAPID had significantly faster growth through the entire trial period. Furthermore, the EWOS RAPID fish could be harvested several weeks earlier, reducing risk of infections and diseases and thus limiting associated costs.

The graph illustrates a pre-launch trial that compared two EWOS feeds and which showed that fish fed on EWOS RAPID test diet grew more than 10% more than the fish fed on the existing high performance diet. Since the fish had only been fed the EWOS RAPID diet from 2 kg, and not during the entire sea water phase, we would expect even higher gain if they had been fed EWOS RAPID the entire seawater phase.

EWOS RAPID lowers FCR, by optimising the balance between protein and fat and the level of digestible energy in the feed. EWOS RAPID further increases weight gain, shortens production time and delivers the best possible fish performance. At times of high salmon prices, this can have a significant, positive impact on profitability. It is also beneficial in terms of the environment, as shorter growth times mean fewer emissions.

Growth at Anevik in the trial period. Modelled weight gain at 228 days. Pre-launch trial at Anevik, comparing EWOS RAPID test diet (cages 1-3) with our existing high performance diet (cages 4-6) showed that the test diet performed more than 10% better than the existing EWOS high performance diet.

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